Dublin is truly the capital of music. There are thousands of musicians living right here in the capital. Multiple live gigs are taking place all over the city every single night of the week. As we live and play music ourselves in Dublin, we know the vibe and style that comes along with each live venue. Today, let us focus on The Vintage Room.

The Venue

The Vintage Room is a picturesque hidden gem upstairs in The Workman’s Club, located on the Quays. Before stepping into the room, I expected a completely different area. Possibly a stage and some lights above but nothing too major. You can assume my shock when I entered into this charming cosy sitting room-esque venue.

The room itself fits about twenty people and the stage is on the same level as the audience (see photo below). Immediately, I was terrified at being so close to the audience. However, I can honestly say playing here was one of my absolute favourite performances ever.

The room is intimate and you can connect so easily to whoever is watching you. Although the audience also have nowhere to hide, it genuinely feels like you’re all a big group of friends just chilling in this snug setting together listening to great music.

The performances that I was lucky enough to witness only included vocals and acoustic guitars. Because of this, I would recommend any artist looking to play an acoustic, intimate gig to book this venue. The atmosphere is already created before stepping inside and once you’re seated you instantly feel involved in something truly special.

The Vintage Room

As a musician and audience member, this venue was uniquely beautiful and comforting. A great place to play or hear some of Dublin’s local artists. If you’re wandering around Dublin city and fancy hearing some live music, check out The Vintage Room. You will not regret it!

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