[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]*Warning: Extremely Heart-warming and Tear-jerking Carpool Karaoke below.

Ah yes, we’ve all heard about and seen the famous Carpool Karaoke Youtube videos presented by the one and only TV-talk show host James Cordon. Indeed, the craze which only came to life three years ago has truly grown from strength to strength. You may recognise big names such as Adele, One Direction, Ed Sheeran and Michelle Obama who have all taken part in this new form of entertainment.

So, why do we enjoy these clips? Generally, they give us a glimpse into the real personality behind the character portrayed in the media. Watching different celebrities from a dashboard perspective can be inspiring, interesting and generally hysterical at some moments. Yet, who would have known that it would be Sir Paul McCartney’s episode to change everything?

The English musician is responsible for creating some of the best songs in the world to this day. Naturally, we expected this Carpool Karaoke to be highly enjoyable. It surpassed this expectation.

Paul’s feature on the musical segment is significantly beautiful. From discussing his home life, how he wrote some of his greatest hits and seeing the highest admiration from his Liverpool locals, you could call it magical.

Get cosy as it’s a 20 minute watch. And worth every second.

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