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[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Two of the hottest bands currently dominating the Dublin underground music scene, Thumper and Vernon Jane, came together to present a very special double headline show last Saturday night. With both bands holding admirable status’, it didn’t come as a surprise that all tickets were nabbed, leaving The Sugar Club completely sold-out.

Thumper – ‘AFL’ Single Launch

From the very first second that Thumper begin to play, the crowd in The Sugar Club are immediately fixated. From initial impressions, the quintet deliver a LOUD fusion of Punk, Indie and Rock. Yet, it is the introduction of drowned-out pop vocal melodies that catches you off-guard. Each hooky melody latches onto the ear, leaving the listener wanting more and more. This is clear from the amount of people moshing in the front row for the entire duration of their set. With the addition (and excitement) of two drummers, the energy that Thumper produces really reigns the whole crowd in, ensuring that everyone is having the time of their lives.

If you’re looking to experience addictive vocal melodies, driving rhythms and a hypnotizing performance, Thumper’s live show is one you simply cannot afford to miss.

Vernon Jane – ‘Fragile’ Single Launch

Having just released their striking music video for ‘Fragile’, it seems that Vernon Jane are the hot topic on everyone’s lips. From the moment all seven band members take their place on stage, the audience are already yelling in anticipation. The band combine elements of Psychedelia and Jazz Rock, producing their own variation of distinctive songwriting. Consequently, whilst experiencing Vernon Jane’s live show, you become cemented in this wave of intensity as each song shifts from total calm to utter chaos.

Furthermore, it is the lead vocals of Emily Jane that makes Vernon Jane so uniquely special. She delivers these impossibly complex vocal lines, crying out and mocking gender equality in today’s modern society. The musicality of each song, consisting of sudden stops, unpredictable dynamics and alarming crescendos mirror this anger. This results in Vernon Jane’s live set acting as a political pedestal for Feminism and Equality.

In general, both bands presented a flawless night in terms of musical standard. Check out their new music videos below.

‘AFL’ – Thumper

Fragile – Vernon Jane

Check out Thumper and Vernon Jane‘s Facebook pages below, give them a like and join them on both of their journeys. 


Vernon Jane:


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