[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]In the early days of being in a band, there is excitement in the air. You believe everything is possible. Your band is the bee’s knees! You guys are going to revolutionize the music itself as we know it! That early energy is a very powerful thing if you harness it correctly. But most bands don’t. This is usually down to lack of proper knowledge. Knowledge is something that comes with experience. In this post, we are going to outline some top promotion mistakes bands make, that we witness all the time. But we also want to give you some actionable tips how to promote your band properly.

1. Wait to be discovered

We live in a time where bands have access to an incredible free distribution network, that can reach 53% of the world’s population. It is called the internet. But no magic music business fairies are flying around looking for the next fantastic act to plug and place in the music business engine and propel to the stardom. You need to put in the work! Figure out who your potential fans are, and figure out where in the world wide web do they hang around. This is where you need to get your music, your videos, and your content.

Top tip: If your answer to who your potential fans are is everybody, you will fail.

2. Post the same thing again

The band that will win the internet game is not the band with the best video in the world. It is the band with the most amount of content. If your bands Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of desperate calls to watch your video fifteenth time in a row, no one will want to come back. Do you want to take your band promotion seriously? Post fresh new content every single day! Get everyone in the band involved in creating fresh new content. Not every piece of content needs to be your next masterpiece. Post photos, rehearsal videos, fan art, share your influences, your fellow bands content in the local scene, make videos talking about your equipment, make videos about your songwriting process, fun posts with quotes, song lyrics… The list is endless.

3. Don’t share what others post about you

If someone mentions you, let’s say in a local gig guide or a review, share it! Share it on all of your bands’ social media sites and all of your band members individual social media sites. If someone in the band thinks they are too cool for this, it is time to question their commitment to the band. If you get a mention anywhere, and you can drive traffic back to the website or a social media post, you are much more likely to get featured again.

4. Don’t thank and mention shares

If someone shares your bands content, go out of your way to thank them. Thank them publicly on social media and even send them a direct message, or an email. You want people to share your content as much as possible, and if you show your gratitude, they are much likely to share more content in the future.

5. Don’t reply to your fans

Reply to every single comment on your social media sites. The only exception here is the trolls, never engage with them. But if your fans send a simple thumbs up on Instagram, react to it. Make every one of your early fans feel special and let them know that you read every comment.

Promoting a band is hard work, but it is not rocket science. What you put out in the universe, usually comes back to you. Be that band everyone wants to work with. Keep your ego in check and make sure everyone who helps you along the way will feel how much you appreciate their help. It is not all about you; it is about your fans. Avoid the above promotion mistakes bands make, and you will be ahead of most bands in your local music scene.

Top tip: Create your personal Melosity account today. You can post your bands’ music, videos, and links back to your social media pages. If there are four members in your band, and everyone does this, that is four new opportunities to get more eyes on your music.





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