Top 5 Gary Moore collaborations

To celebrate the Birthday of legendary Irish guitarist Gary Moore, who passed away back in 2011. Gary made his mark in the early part of his career by playing with bands Skid Row and the legendary Irish rock band Thin Lizzy. The latter part of his career, Mr. Moore went back to his original passion, Blues.

Gary Moore recorded collaboration albums, where he invited some of his heroes to play with him. The collaborations built his reputation as a blues guitarist and helped in many ways to relaunch his career. Here we will take a look at some of his best collaborations.

  1. Gary Moore with Philip Lynott

Even after the years, Garry spent playing with Thin Lizzy, Phil and Gary joined forces for the “Out in the fields.” This was also one of the last recordings by Phil Lynott.

2. Gary Moore with Albert Collins

The Telecaster Thinline swinging blues legend Albert Collins joined forces with Gary on this wonderful upbeat blues track.

3. Gary Moore with George Harrison

Here Gary Moore joins forces not only one but two members of The Beatles.

4. Gary Moore with John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers

This is a great example how collaboration is all about fitting in the mix, rather than standing out from the crowd. Gary joins John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers and his guitar sit in the mix beautifully.


5. Gary Moore with B.B. King

I don’t think anybody would feel closer to playing with a living Blues legend than playing with B.B. King.

And that wraps up our top 5 Gary Moore collaborations. Don’t forget that collaborations are one of the best and fastest ways to grow as a musician and get your name out there. Head over to and get your collaboration career started today.


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