Top 5 free online studios

A computer-based recording has become the norm these days. And never before the entry to recording music at home has been this low. In this post, we are going to roundup Top 5 free online studios. Three are available to download from online, and two are cloud-based recording solutions.


Audacity has been around for a long time. And if you are looking for computer-based recording software, Audacity is a fantastic way to get started and can give some of the paid rivals run for their money. It works on Mac, PC, and Linux. Audacity supports 24bit recording, has most basic audio editing features expected from a daw. It even supports plugins.

If we were to look for a fault, some of the design is not the most consistent, due to it being open source and many people have contributed to it. But if you can get past the aesthetics, it is an excellent piece of free software.

You can download Audacity from


If you are Mac user and have purchased a new mac, it comes with Garageband, which is the little brother of Logic Pro X. This is a fantastic piece of software, that can do most things you throw at it. It supports 24bit recording and third-party plugins. Logic comes with some fantastic sounding virtual instruments, great guitar, and bass effects. These allow you to plug straight into the Garageband and record in your city apartment in the middle of the night without getting evicted. You also get access to 2000 Apple Loops, so you can start creating music straight away.

There are only two faults I can find with Garageband. There is no PC or Linux versions. Also if you buy a second hand or reconditioned Mac, you would need to pay for it.


The capabilities and features of Pyramix are quite remarkable, especially for a freeware. And don’t let that freeware fool you, Pyramix is a world-class recording software with every feature can think of. It can record simultaneously insane 384 tracks! It has by far the best features for mixing your tracks from any of the software here and is also designed for Mastering.

But be aware that this amazing piece of software was never built for the hobbyist but the professional studios. It has a complex interface that comes with an intensive learning curve. If you just want to start recording, I probably would not recommend Pyramix. It also only works on Windows.

You can download Pyramix from


The future is here! Having the greatest and most expensive DAW won’t guarantee you performance. It still comes down to the abilities of your computer. And lossless audio files take a lot of space. The big game changer here is cloud-based recording software. Audiotools, is an impressive free online studio, that offers a lot of features, effects, sound samples and virtual instruments. As it works in your browser, it doesn’t matter if you use PC, Mac or Linux. It is hard not to get excited about Audiotools analog style synths, virtual stomp boxes and their cloud-based audio library of over 250000 samples!

The downside is it runs on Flash.

You can access Audiotool at


Last and not least, we obviously proudly include in this list Melosity. Melosity takes the cloud-based recording to the next level. Not only is the software run in the cloud, your projects saved in the cloud, but you can also collaborate with other musicians online in real-time! Melosity designed the online Studio for Musicians, not for engineers. We wanted to build software that does not get on the way of the creative process, allows you to work from anywhere, and gives you access to a great community of passionate musicians, who are waiting to help you in your next project.

You can access Melosity at

And that wraps up our post on Top 5 free online studios. Let us know in the comments what is your preferred free recording solution.


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