The power of your story when promoting music

[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]We are songwriters, music makers. We are storytellers. Or at least that’s what we are supposed to be. You see, with every note you play you are telling a story. The music is there to support the song, a paint a sonic picture to go with the story. So why are we so bad at telling our story when we try to promote our music? In this blog post, I will try to make you understand the power of your story when promoting music.

Who are you as an artist?

Who are you as an artist? You are the combination or a result of all the events that brought you here. What made you want to play music? Was it a particular album, or a performance by one of your heroes? What life events brought you to here, or what obstacles did you overcome along the way? What do you stand for, what do you believe? These are all things that made you who you are today.

Gone are the days when music fans just worshipped a poster on their bedroom wall. In this digital age, we want to get to know the artist. We want to hear interviews, stories, behind the scene real life snippets. You see the simple transaction of just going to buy an album has become a much more emotional affair. I am not going to buy your album just because I might listen to it. There are much more simple ways to do that these days. I am going to buy it because I want to support you as an artist. And it is your job to convince me that you are worth my support. So tell me who you are as an artist.

Give me a reason to listen to your music

My fellow musicians, please stop posting those blanket promotions that just mean nothing at all… Check out your music? Why should I? My time is valuable. Because I am going to love it? First of all, I do not like being told what I do or do not like. I can make up my own mind. Second, how do you know? Did you spend any time finding out what kind of music I actually listen to? You see, there are no magic fountains of music fans hiding in the back corners of Facebook that can skyrocket you to fame overnight. The only way to win true fans is one person at the time.

So give me a reason to listen to your music. This can go from as little as “hey is saw you like Tom Waits. What’s your favourite Toma Waits album?” Or you can get really deep, by telling them a meaningful life event you went through, that you believe other people have experienced as well. And when they react to your story, you can tell them about the song you wrote about it. I can promise they are much more likely to listen to it because you gave them a reason to do so. You opened up and gave them a reason to care.

The power of a story

Stories are powerful. Big brands are built on stories. Some stories can stand the test of time through millenniums. A well-told story can even stand above the noise of the content we are being bombarded with in this digital world we live and operate in. As an artist, you need to learn to tell your story. In fact, I would go as far as to tell you that this is the most powerful promotional tool you possess today. Learn to use it.

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