Surround yourself with creativity

[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Let me get a little bit personal here if you don’t mind. Being a songwriter, a musician and an artist is a tough road filled with a lot of doubt. By the nature of it, you put yourself out on the line. You stand in a middle of the room waiting to be judged. And when they do, it can hurt. But even worse is, if they don’t. they just ignore you. You need to be a dreamer and a visionary to succeed in any form of art. In practice, it does not make any sense to pursue such a difficult task. This is why so many people around you might not understand what you do or support you. And that is why it is imperative to surround yourself with creativity.

Pay attention to who is advising you

Even a little bit of success can bring along haters. But keep in mind that your success can be a reminder of other peoples failures. And in most cases, your success is a sore reminder of how they never got around to doing anything with their dreams. It can be hard to filter through what is genuine criticism, and when other people are trying to put you down just for their own reasons. In the early part of your career, I would listen to every bit of advice I could get, but also pay attention to who is advising you.

Be selective who you spend time with

As humans, we get influenced by our surroundings and the people we interact. If you spend time with successful people, who cheer you on, you are much more likely to succeed. Also if you spend most of your time with negative people who just complain, I doubt you will get anywhere. Be selective who you spend your time with. Besides, if you are passionate about what you do, I bet your loser friends will get fed up you talking about your great adventure very fast. Whereas if your friends are on a similar path, you’ll have a lot to talk about, ideas and tips to share.

Check on with your family

Be tough with your loved ones as well. They might think they mean the best, but too often they unconsciously are scared of your success. When I was growing up, my father had an opinion about everything to do with my music. First when I started to play live shows with my first band, and as children do, I dreamed big, my father was fast to put those dreams down. “You will never become famous by playing other peoples songs.” So I took his advice and started writing my own songs. Then I was told that I skipped a step by not mastering my instrument first before start writing my own songs. You could never win with my father. He meant well, but he definitely was not the best guide for my career.

At the same time, I had the pleasure to meet one of our Melosity artists Alice Lynskey and her mother a few weeks back. She was so supportive of Alice and her music that it put a smile on my face. Check out her new single HERE.

Surround yourself with creativity

I am a strong believer that creativity breeds creativity. If you are a songwriter, spend time with other songwriters. Be curious about their craft. Spend time with other artists as well. Nothing inspires me more than seeing someone do great work with a lot of passion. You will not perfect your music in a bubble. Neither you don’t need to be alone to be a creative artist. Surround your self with creativity and creative people.

Being an independent artist, you have no idea how many times I have heard people tell me how I should try to get signed to a major label. The thing is, I have done my homework. I know what I want out of my career, and I surround myself with people who are on the same path. If you don’t know where to start to look for other creative types, the community in Melosity is not a bad place to start.



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