[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]It’s officially time to rock out as Sub Motion release absolute banger of a track ‘Gun in Your Pocket’.

Dublin-based quartet Sub Motion are an up-and-coming rock band ready to start a fire in the Irish music scene at the moment. The band mix pure Rock with elements of Indie Pop to keep their sound as fresh and addictive as possible. Indeed, they are certainly turning heads with their most recent release ‘Gun in Your Pocket’. The track is driving, loud, unapologetic and creates quite a unique listener experience.

‘Gun in Your Pocket’ is about just that – wondering why someone has a gun in their pocket!? Indeed, the anger-fuelled song is based around the infectious hook ‘So tell me can we talk about the gun in your pocket?’. Every time front woman Rebecca Geary teases this lyric, the atmosphere becomes even more intense. In general, these boss vocals are delivered in a raunchy, yet ferocious manner, making the listener feel both wanted and hated at the same time.

It seems impossible to sit still whilst listening to Sub Motion’s captivating story unfold. The instrumentation is simultaneously punchy and chaotic, with grungy guitar riffs to further intensify the scene. It’s aggressive, intimidating and yet, so so addictive – listen a few times to feel fully satisfied.

We sat down with Sub Motion to talk about their story, new single and whats coming up for them in the future.

Hi Sub Motion, can you tell us a little bit about you?

We’re a Dublin-based, in your face rock band with punk influences. The last few years have seen us release music we love and play a lot of amazing gigs, with bands we never thought we’d play with. The journey has been great so far and we’re not stopping anytime soon.

How did you meet and develop into the band you are now?

The guys were in school together and have played in bands for years. About 4 years ago, the previous singer of the band left just before we started a development deal with Music Maker and Sound Training Centre. We knew Rebecca from playing in the local scene so she stepped in last minute and a few days later, our first show as a band was in the Button Factory. We spent the next few years gigging and constantly searching for the sound we had in our heads. That sound came to life when songs like ‘Headchecked’ and ‘Soccer Mom’ were born. Now, we are developing on that sound and trying to create some really cool music that we’re passionate about.

How would you describe your music?

Loud, energetic, unapologetic and ballsy.

Let’s chat about ‘Gun in Your Pocket’ – where did the subject matter come from?

‘Gun in Your Pocket’ is a very aggressive, energy-fuelled song that came from a place of anger and pain. The track has some dark undertones and points the finger at a particular person for their actions. Although, this is kind of disguised in the music of the song which is very upbeat and confident in its tone. The juxtaposition between these two elements is what makes it a cool song to bounce along to, while also having an underlying message in it.

As Melosity is based upon Music Collaboration, what does music collaboration mean to you?

We write all of our songs while playing in the room together, so collaboration is definitely a big part of how Sub Motion operates as a band. We love to jam and bounce ideas off each other live in the rehearsal room because it gives us a feel straight away of how a track will sound all together on stage. It will usually start with either a beat from Sean, or a riff from Conor and Cormac, which Rebecca will then sing melodies and phrases over until something clicks. So it’s very much a collaborative experience between like-minded people, which has always worked great for us.

What are your plans for the Summer?

We’ll be releasing another single to follow up ‘Gun in Your Pocket’ later in the Summer. We’ve also got some cool gigs coming up soon.

What’s the next move for Sub Motion?

Our next move is just writing as much as we possibly can and seeing where our sound takes us. We’ll be releasing more music and touring later in the year, we really want to get out there as much as we can and show people what we’ve got. Who knows, an album might even be in the works (shhh)…

Anything else you’d like us to know about?

We’re so fortunate with the success we’ve had recently and it’s been an amazing journey, but it definitely didn’t come easily or overnight. To all the bands that are struggling or feel disheartened, don’t give up because that was us not that long ago. We’ve always been the underdog and the band that nobody took seriously for so many years, but we never stopped trying even when people put us down. We’re so grateful that people listen to our songs and enjoy coming to shows. That means way more than anything else.

Sub Motion

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