Spotify Playlists

You worked really hard crafting and recording your song. And after choosing your digital distribution service, you got your song up on Spotify. This is where most musicians give up. We live in a hope that few Facebook posts will be enough to get the ball rolling and those play numbers up. But the truth is, people will not find your tracks unless you are in the ecosystem of Spotify and the key to getting there are the Spotify Playlists.

What are playlists?

Playlists are the modern-day version of the good old mix tapes some of us old enough used to make. Anybody can make their own playlists. Some playlists have gathered substantial popularity. For artists to be featured on them can be a massive boost for their play numbers. Spotify also curates some of their own playlists.

How to get your music on a playlist?

There are several ways to go about this, but they all involve finding out who is the playlist curator and how you can contact them. There are some paid services, which offer submission and lists. I would recommend you to first exhaust all free options. By just doing simple Google search and searches on all the Social media platforms, you will be able to find many playlist curators.

Once you have found a playlist curator, make sure you listen to the playlist and see if your music is a fit for it. There is no point submitting your music to playlists that have nothing in common with your music. You will be wasting both your and the curators time.

Don’t just send blanket Emails. Find out as much about the playlist curators tastes and what their submission process is like. Most playlist curators get bombarded with thousands of submissions and have a process in place how to filter them. It is extremely important for you to follow these processes if you don’t want the curators to ignore your tracks.

Small can be more

The other approach I would recommend is to reach out to all your friends and fans. Ask them to add your songs to their playlists. Most people’s playlists are public and if you get featured on a hundred small playlists, it will all add up very fast.

Playlists are the key in getting your music discovered within Spotify. Having your music on Spotify will not mean anything if people don’t know it is there. But with a little bit of work, you can bring your music to many new listeners.

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