Songwriting Inspiration Part 1

[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Songwriting Inspiration Part 1. It can be tough to find the inspiration to get your songwriting juices flowing. The scary white sheet staring back at you, as a songwriter too often you think if you ever are able to write another song again. But this is just another day in the office for the songwriter. One of my favourite ways to break the dreaded songwriter’s block and get inspired is to look at how other songwriter’s write and work on their music. I want to share with you an interview, which was released as an audio CD called Mule Conversations. Tom Waits talks about the songwriting, inspiration and working on his Mule Variations album. Some great songwriting nuggets here, in Tom Waits’ typical comic way.

Here is the second part.

Hope you enjoy and get inspired by this. Let us know what is your favourite way to find inspiration.

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