ELKAE fuels the Funk tank with Seductive Banger ‘Sold’. 

Making her stance on the Irish Music scene, emerging Electronic Soul artist ELKAE (Laura Keane) is ready to bring some of the tastiest grooves to the party with ‘Sold’. ‘Sold’ is based upon the theme of desire, being ‘sold’ to another’s presence yet unsure if the feeling is mutual.

‘Sold’ begins with a mysterious yet playful tonality within the verses. Moreover, the soul in ELKAE’s vocals further intensifies this idea and creates a tension which is significantly released upon arrival to the chorus.

“Bring me back, Butter me up, Butter me right up” is a damn infectious line. The phrasing is so rhythmically appealing and contrasts brilliantly to the smoothness of synths. You could say it is the Bass line that lays down the overall mood of this song, consuming the listener and immersing us into the world that ELKAE has created. To say the least, the combination of flavourful mellow synths and melodious vocal lines strengthens the overall provocative nature of the track.

Indeed, it is a song which triggers a shoulder shrug and slight tap of the foot which quickly progresses to a solid bop on the dance floor. In fact, it’s almost impossible to stay still whilst listening to the track.

In general, ‘Sold’ is feel good music for the soul. It is energetic, optimistic and SO dang fulfilling. Upon listening to ‘Sold’, ELKAE will have you dancing everywhere you go.

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