Sigrid Live Review Dublin The Academy

Melosity reviews Sigrid’s Live Performance in The Academy, Dublin.

Sigrid is a Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer of the electro-pop genre. Aspiring to be a lawyer, music was never the definite path choice for the 21 year old songstress. Yet, a career in music took Sigrid by chance. Now, she currently gains an impressive six million streams on Spotify per month. Already preparing for a very busy festival season this Summer, Sigrid is currently testing her new material and potential album content with shows all across Europe. The people of Dublin were able to catch some of these new tunes during her sold-out show in The Academy last Friday night.

The scene is set. The band’s instruments along with three white backdrops comprise a very simple and minimal stage layout. The clock struck 9pm and lights dimmed followed by an eruption of screams. Sigrid’s 4-piece band calmly make their way on stage and take their position in a semi-circle fashion.

After a few subtle mutters of ‘where is she?’, the wait is finally over. Popping onto the stage is Sigrid herself, so much smaller than the rest of her band and presented as a speck in the distance. Yet, her huge, demanding voice makes up for this. ‘Go to War’ is the first song of the night and sends everyone into a wave of movement. The main hook of the chorus “It’s like we go to war, But what we fighting for?” drives the crowd into a unanimous groove, as Sigrid dominates the stage with dance.

Her four-piece band composed of a keyboardist/synth, guitar/bass, backing vocalist and drummer gel extremely well and it’s pretty obvious that they’re all genuinely enjoying this gig. Around her fourth song, Sigrid comments, “This is one of the best gigs we’ve played so far!”, – a sentence not uncommon to hear during any concert in Dublin.

Sigrid The Academy Dublin

Towards the end of her gig, Sigrid performs a couple of new and extremely well-written pop songs which highlight her talent and natural simplicity as a songwriter. The pop-balled ‘Dynamite’ acted as the emotional highlight of the night. Although delivered with power and authenticity, you could barely hear her over the audience, who sang the whole song from the very first lyric until the final note.

Hit single ‘Strangers’ wins the best performance of the gig. Lyrics such as “Think we got it, but we made up a dream ‘Cause we’ve got a pretty look of what we could be, whoa” are sung with full hearts and high spirits to complete Sigrid’s official set-list. To nail the highly-demanded encore, Sigrid performs her biggest song to date ‘Don’t Kill my Vibe’ – an electrifying ending to a really great gig.

The audience were absolutely LOVING every second of the performance, acting so enthusiastic and warm towards Sigrid. Similarly, Sigrid highlighted her carefree attitude throughout the night; enjoying herself and dancing alongside fans to instigate good vibes only. From hearing her new tracks live, Sigrid’s debut album will undoubtedly be composed of absolute pop bangers. Us here at Melosity cannot WAIT until it comes out.



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