Should I find a manager

The music industry is constantly changing. To someone starting out on this challenging and competitive path, it can seem overwhelming. What to prioritize first? Where do you focus? Should you find a manager to do all of this for you?

You’ll learn how to set yourself back on course over time. But for those who feel adrift, here’s a sturdy reminder.

Who cares the most?

It’s your music, your business, your goal. No-one will ever feel as excited or enthusiastic as you do – that feeling you get after a successful gig or finish writing a new song.

Music business used to be a closed shop with the selected few holding the keys to the castle. But today with all of the online tools, the middleman is losing power. It is completely possible to build a career by yourself.

Sure, others will be there to support and publicise you – but if you’re leaving all this to someone else and not working on promoting your career, you could be on the wrong route. Stop spending time looking for a manager or a label – focus on doing it yourself and put yourself back on track. Invest in yourself and trust your gut.

You’ll figure it all out before long. Good luck out there.



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