how to sing better

Here is a quick tip how to sing better instantly. Your voice is the first instrument you have. For the main vocalist, back-ups, or someone humming away at a piano, it’s a valuable thing. So let’s talk vocal warm-ups. As well as getting rid of pre-show or pre-recording jitters, they help avoid damage to your vocal chords.

But this is the music business after all – sometimes something happens, life gets in the way, and you don’t have the time.

Luckily, fresh ginger exists and makes for an excellent vocal tip. Not just for nausea, ginger opens up your vocal chords in a matter of minutes. A grated teaspoon of fresh ginger into a cup of hot water or tea will work magic and go down smoothly. Let it sit for a few minutes before drinking, sip it while it’s still warm and you’re good to go.

Also – avoid chocolate, dairy, and spicy food at all costs before performing. They close up vocal chords, and soon you’ll find it harder to reach for the high notes.

Hope you enjoyed this quick vocal tip. Now go out and singing your heart out.


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