Quick Guitar amp recording tip for home studio

[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]I wrote a full article on miking a guitar amplifier here. But I thought to share with you a quick guitar amp recording tip for home studio, which works wonders and has saved me loads of times.

Go small

Bigger is not always better, especially when you are recording in a home studio. My favourite guitar amps for recording at home are small valve amps, like the Fender Blues Junior. You see, having a 100wat marshal stack, might move a lot of air. But when you try to capture it on a recording, often the amp does not even get properly warmed up, or your neighbours will call the cops. Whereas you can run small valve amps much harder. What we want here is the valve saturation, and to get the sweetest sounds, they need to be driven to their limits. Go small and you and your neighbours will thank you.

Cover it up

Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones is known to use this trick. Mike up your amp, and then throw a heavy fabric over the amp and the microphone. Jackets work well for this trick if you have no other heavy fabric around. This will confine the guitar sound, and reduce any boxiness in the tone. The “boxy tone” is a result of the microphone also capturing the sound reflecting back from the walls of the room, where you are recording in. The result is a much tighter sound. You can add some tasty spring reverb if you need some more space in the sound.

Nailing that perfect electric guitar sound requires constant experimentation. At the same time, I do think discovering new sounds is fun. So never settle for what you think is just OK, and always think outside the box.

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