[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Orla Gartland’s artistic quirkiness shines through with new pop banger ‘I Go Crazy’.

Orla Gartland is an alternative pop singer/songwriter from Ireland currently based in London. Having used the online video-sharing platform Youtube as a teen to build a fanbase, the talented songstress is now ready to explode into the charts with the upcoming release of new material.

Having spent 2017 recording new tracks, ‘I Go Crazy’ is the first single released from Orla’s brand new collection of songs. The upbeat song is based on the theme of unreturned love; loving someone but them not loving you back. Her lyrics are clear-cut, sadly relatable and so methodically pleasing with examples such as “Three Words, Two Hearts, One Maybe”.

The track opens with a sense of anticipation, letting the listener know that Orla is preparing to unleash a melodious storm. Ultimately, the chorus allows this intensity to collapse into a quirky and addictive pop banger. To summarize, these really strong melodies are the essence of Orla Gartland’s music.

What is so appealing about Orla is her authenticity and quirkiness as an artist. The track combines Alternative Pop vibes with Orla’s own original twist, making her music so recognisable as her own. In general, Orla’s personality shines through her music, giving it a unique place within today’s standard Pop charts. You hear ‘I Go Crazy’ once and instantly need to listen to it again. I guess you could say us here at Melosity are going crazy waiting to hear what Orla will release next!

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