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[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]At Melosity, we always had the vision to built an online studio for musicians, where they could collaborate on the same track, from anywhere in the world, in real-time. In many ways, we have achieved this. We have an online studio that allows you to work with other musicians and a community of musicians who love to collaborate.

Help musicians to create, not get in the way of creating

The next step was to make that studio as powerful as the professional DAW’s, but still straightforward enough for musicians to use without a long learning curve. We wanted to make sure the studio would help musicians to create, not get in the way of creating. So we set out to talk to hundreds of musicians, and from the feedback, we have now built what we believe is the best online studio for musicians.

Our brand new studio is being tested at the moment and will be coming out on the 28th of May. So how does it differ from the old Studio? Let’s break it down and take a closer look.

New design

Melosity new studioThe first upgrade you will notice is the design. We spent a lot of hours of tweaking the design, making it as user-friendly as possible. And when we thought we had it right, we put it in front of musicians and asked their opinion. This process was repeated numerous times until we felt we had the most user-friendly design of any DAW in the business.

New features

But we also wanted it to pack a punch. We wanted it to be able to compete with the big boys. We wanted to have high-quality sound, direct monitoring, effects, smooth editing options, looping, automation, loop library, midi, Virtual instruments and more. For those of you who are familiar with our old studio, you know this is a significant upgrade!

Powerful collaboration tool

It also offers all of the collaboration tools you already got to know in the old studio. You can invite people to collaborate with you, chat in the studio, leave comments on the tracks, share the project on Melosity or download the stems or finished tracks to your computer.

We also introduced user rights, where you can lock tracks so people can’t change or delete them. We also keep a record of when the track was first recorded, for you as a digital fingerprint, to prove that you created the track.

Melosity Platinum

Many of the new features will be limited to the Melosity Platinum, which also allows you to add a booking button to your profile. To celebrate the launch of our new studio, for a limited time only we are offering a 50% off the Melosity Platinum. That is just $5 a month. For a price of a beer, you can get the best online studio for musicians available on the market today. We are so confident that you will love our new studio that we will also give you six-month money back guarantee. That means if you are not happy with the studio in the first six months, we will give you back your money.

Get Melosity Platinum


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