If you are a regular reader of the Melosity blog, you should know by now that we are all about helping the musician in any way we can. So we have decided to offer more services for the Melosity platinum members. But also any other musicians, who might want to avail of our services without committing to the monthly subscription but rather pay as you go.

Get Your Own Website

Only $299 (Melosity Platinum Members $199)

For years I have shouted from the rooftops about the importance of having your own artist or band website. Facebook and Instagram pages are great promotional tools, but they are not a replacement for your very own website. Nothing makes you look more professional than your very own website. And we will take the hassle away and build it for you. Our Melosity Platinum members will get their own band, or artist website for $199 and those of you who have not subscribed to Melosity Platinum, can get your own website for $299. This price includes your first years hosting.

Build Social Proof

Only $99 (Melosity Platinum Members $75)

In Melosity we have years of experience in business, both in and outside of the music business. We understand that getting those first fans can be hard work. We can help you run very targeted ads and get you first 5000 Facebook likes. There are no bots involved, we just implement the same marketing skills as we use for Melosity. The 5000 fans will be real people who are interested in your music. When you are approaching possible booking agents or record labels, one of the first things they will check is your social media following. Having those first 5000 fans under your belt will change that first conversation. For the adds to work we will need to make sure your music and your promotional material are up to certain standard, so contact us first and we will figure out if we can work together. If you don’t have the right promotional material, we can help you with this as well.

Social Media Strategy

Only $199 (Melosity Premium Members $149)

I know sometimes social media can be confusing. What should you post, how often and where? What should you expect and what can you achieve with Social media? We will put all of this in place for you. We will provide you with a rock solid actionable social media plan with daily, weekly and monthly steps you can follow. This will not be some premade template or an E-course. We will work with you and customize the plan to fit who you are as a musician. This will make you stand a head above the rest in your local music scene.

The Ultimate Jump Start

This is the ultimate package that we offer in Dublin. You will come to our office for two full days and we will work with you to get all of your online marketing from a scratch to looking like any professional musician or a band. At the end of these two days, you will have a full understanding how to market your music, how to manage your own website and how to make the most of your social media platforms. Throughout the two days, you will be working in a small group with several members of our team both on one on one sessions and small group sessions with other musicians in a similar situation as you. But this workshop goes beyond just the two days, we will be your support network only an email away for any future assistance. This workshop is for you if you are willing to make a more serious investment in your career as a musician. Once again, the Melosity Platinum members will receive a substantial discount on this workshop.

If you are interested in any of the above services or the Workshop, just email jp@melosity.com





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