Alice Lynskey

[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Alice Lynskey is causing a stir with the release of her debut single, ‘Devil in Me’, out everywhere this Friday 27th of April. 

Melosity are delighted to present our featured artist Alice Lynskey. She is an Irish singer/songwriter from Dublin, based in the lovely County of Wexford. The 25 year old has already proven herself as an experienced musician and chart-hitting songwriter, performing on national TV and writing a hit single for Irish Rock band ‘The Stunning’. Finally, we get to hear her own music as Alice will be releasing her highly anticipated debut single ‘Devil in Me’ this Friday, the 27th of April.

Alice combines a diverse mixture of Pop, Folk and pinch of Country to produce her very own distinct sound. In essence, ‘Devil in Me’ is a fiery, energetic performance which focuses on the dark side within us. As Alice says, ‘we can fight it, we can hide it but we know that its always there, just waiting for us to slip’.

Indeed, the future is very exciting for Alice. We’re lucky to witness the very beginning of her musical journey as an artist. To celebrate her debut release, we caught up with Alice before the new single drops….

Hi Alice! Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background?

I grew up in Tallaght and like lots of kids, I tried karate for one hour, football for a whole week (I even got football boots) and many more hobbies before deciding I wanted to perform! I wasn’t quite sure in what way so I joined a local dance school. Mam bought me all the gear and I actually stuck at it for a number of years! My family doesn’t play a lot of instruments, although my grandad is quite the guitarist). 

How did you get into songwriting? 

 I started writing funny limericks with my grandad and nanny when I was really young. This lead to songwriting… and here we are! Songwriting is also a great way to relieve stress. You can write your way through the anger, sadness, breakup, whatever. I really think it should be an optional class in schools.

What is your biggest musical achievement to date?

Back a few years ago when I was in college, I took part in The Hit on RTE and wrote a song for The Stunning. It was a whirlwind of a time. We made it to the final and into the top 10. They were the nicest bunch of guys. Everyone there loved music so there was a great buzz about it all (Check out Alice on The Hit HERE). More recently, releasing this song ‘Devil in Me’ is a really big achievement. There is so much more that goes into releasing music than I ever realised. Luckily, Ive had superb help along the way.
J.P. and Alice at Melosity Headquarters. Alice’s words on Melosity: “To think I can jam with so many musicians from my house in Wexford is fairly wonderful!”

What style of music do you play? 

For the most part I would say my music has a country-pop/folky feel but sometimes its more one than the other. I sometimes set out to write a particular style but the music takes over and what it becomes, it becomes! There is no choice in the matter. I think that music is more enjoyable, that it flows better if you let it become itself. Trying too hard to fit it into a particular format or genre defeats the purpose in my opinion.   

Tell us a bit about your debut single, ‘Devil in Me’. 

‘Devil in Me’ started out with a very American country, Johnny Cash vibe to it. In the studio, adding piano softened the edges and showed a completely different version. I recorded it in ‘The Production Suite’ in Dublin with two brilliant producers, Chris O’Brien and Graham Murphy. They have written and produced for many bands and artists and were really easy to work with! I wrote ‘Devil in Me’ about that side we all have. Not the nice smiley part of us but the darker side inside us all. Even people that the world look upon as heroes or as perfect have it. There is no halo that’s not a little tarnished!

‘Devil in Me’ is available everywhere this Friday, the 27th of April. 

Check out Alice’s Social Media Pages Below. Give her a Listen, Like and Follow. 




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