Chase Nova Band brings us on a dynamic journey with newest EP ‘The Sobering Fact’.

Irish Folk Chase Nova Band have certainly set the bar high with the release of their impressive first album ‘The Sobering Fact’. The album itself is Folk with strong elements of Funk, expressed through hooky brass instrumentation and tight rhythm sections. In fact, you could say that ‘The Sobering Fact’ echoes stylistic traits from Ben Howard’s optimistic, hearty first album ‘Every Kingdom’. Regardless, it is wholesome music. Without doubt, you can tell you’re listening to something very pure and organic.

The EP includes six songs, where the first three songs differ stylistically in mood and tone to the last three songs. Two instrumental pieces of music mark this change in ‘No. 51’ (Song 1) and ‘Shocked’ (Song 4).

The first half of the album, including ‘Keep Our Heads (Above Water)’ and ‘Keep Your Head (Below the Waves)’ are upbeat and highly melodious. The acoustic instrumental beneath each song evokes a distinct realness to the music that lead vocalist Chase Nova has created. You can tell each song has come directly straight from his core. Oh, and what a voice! Vocal grit maximises this emotion in each song, emphasising Chase’ lyrics which truly matter.

Hooky lines such as “and the sobering fact is you can’t get sober ” gives the music a memorable edge, whilst crisp language tells each story in a personal and upbeat way. It is interesting to mention that Nova actually wrote the single ‘Keep Your Head (Below the Waves)’ during his time in a psychiatric ward in Dublin in 2013.

Listen to ‘The Sobering Fact’ below:

On the other hand, the second half of the album introduces a slower tempo and the genre of Gypsy Folk is instantly recognised. It could be said that the abrupt change in musicality represents Nova’s own experience with depression and anxiety.

‘People of Earth’ is serious, driven and mysteriously engaging. This song is certainly a great addition to the EP, with new sounds popping up throughout the piece, such as cowbell and slap bass to further imitate Nova’s head space during this time. Additionally, Nova’s creativity, originality and playfulness as a songwriter are put on a pedestal. ‘Mildred’ is quite similar, with sublime vocals and sharp dynamics. Indeed, this brings ‘The Sobering Fact’ to a glorious ending. Very groovy, very insightful and very refreshing.

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