Alternative Folk artist Ailbhe Reddy confronts the taboo of mental health in synth-driven banger ‘Shame’.

Without doubt, ‘Shame’ catapults Ailbhe Reddy into the ‘ones-to-watch’ category once again. The topic of depression and mental health is a tricky subject to discuss. Yet, the Dublin-based artist sparks conversation with her brand spankin’ new single.

‘Shame’ questions the embarrassment attached to depression. Although the chorus lyric ‘Is it Shame?’ is highly contagious and memorable, the repetition used reflects a constant struggle and doubt to let ourselves open up about our own mental health. Furthermore, harsh experimental slides in the second pre-chorus imitate this inner conflict.

The song demonstrates Reddy’s ability to craft some pretty unforgettable melodies. Additionally, her distinct vocals tell the story of ‘Shame’ in a raw and exposed matter. This is an artist who is easily identifiable. Although the song is peppered with elements of Pop this time, Reddy’s specific sound is instantly recognised.

In general, ‘Shame’ undoubtedly cements Reddy as a prominent ambassador for the Irish music scene. Having successfully released ‘Nothing to Doubt’ earlier this year, ‘Shame’ acts as another big win for Ailbhe Reddy. Catch Ailbhe Reddy play her biggest headline show to date in Whelan’s, Dublin this November. Buy tickets HERE. To say the least, we can’t WAIT for this gig! See you there…

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