Earn Melosity Badges

Today we introduced a new feature in Melosity. We introduced badges, which you can earn by completing specific tasks. And the cool thing is, if you earn all of the tasks, you will get the Melosity Platinum free for three months (worth $30).

The tasks to earn the badges are:

badge_music_labelProfile Badge: Upload a profile picture, fill in your tags and write a description.

Having a real profile picture and tags will make your profile appear in the search and help other musicians find you in melosity.



badge_music_schoolKnow-it-all Badge: Follow all the Melosity tutorial videos

We have a twelve part Melosity video tutorial series on how to use Melosity on YouTube. Watch all of the videos HERE.


badge_podcastMusic Badge: Upload 2 of your track on your profile

You can earn the Music Badge by simply uploading two tracks to your profile. This will give other Melosity musicians a better idea of what you do.


badge_alternative radioVideo Badge: Upload a video to your profile (music track or live video)

You can simply Embed one of your YouTube videos into your profile. This will also help your YouTube videos to get more views.


badge_guitar_shopProject Badge: Create your 1st project in the studio

Create your first project in the Melosity Studio. The minimum requirements are to name the track, record, or upload at least one audio track and save the project.



Friend badge: have 15 connections

Melosity is all about connections. You can send a connection request to any Melosity artist from their profile. Or you can connect with new users on the community page. Once you have 15 accepted connections, you have earned the Friend badge.

badge_music_shopInvitation Badge: Invite 10 friends to Melosity

This is the big one. Invite 10 of your fellow musicians to Melosity.



Once you have earned all of the badges, we will upgrade your account to a Platinum Melosity account free for three months. Log into Melosity and start earning your badges today.




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