Lovesick Rollercoaster by Alice Lynskey

A few weeks ago one of our Melosity Platinum members Alice Lynskey, who has been making waves here in Ireland since the release of her debut single “Devil in me“, released her follow up single Lovesick Rollercoaster by Alice Lynskey. Her new track already made it to Hotpress song of the day and has got a lot of airplay. This girl is going to places! Check out her new song here:

Alice has also scheduled few live shows for the summer. This weekend coming Alice will be performing at the Dublin Goes Country. Read more about it HERE. There are so many manufactured pop stars or independent artists who just don’t have the skills, but Alice is the real deal, she has a stunning voice, which she can use really well and she can write some stunning songs. Take our word for it, Alice Lynskey is going to places.

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