Live show fails Part 2

Last week we started this series on things that go wrong during a live show by taking a look at the legendary guitar throw fail. Check it out HERE. This week in our Live show fails Part 2 we take look at the drummers.

Drummers are very different from most other players on the stage. They don’t move as much and mainly stay seated. The majority of drummer fails are equipment fails or just simply dropping their drumsticks. The equipment fails can be epic as drummers just simply have the most amount of gear. So many things can go wrong.

But in this short clip, the drummer of Media Blitz tried to jump over his drum kit. The results pretty much called it a day for the drummer for that show.

Again, it seems the whole band just laughed it off in the situation, which probably is the best approach in the situation. Next week it will be the Bass players turn 😉

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