Live show fails Part 1

So today we are going to start a new segment. This is partly just for fun, but at the same time, also a lesson on what NOT to do during a live show with your band. I mean we are all about the commitment to the show. After all playing live is more than just the music. If we just wanted to hear a song, we would stream it online. We want the artist to put emotion into the show. And sometimes a little bit of circus and theatrics can add to the music.

But on the other end of the scale is the silly stuff. Don’t think just because you have seen your favourite star do a trick on a stage, that you can recreate it on the spot. No matter how cool they look, you can be guaranteed they planned it and spent hours practising it. Yes, big stars don’t just draw it out of the bag in the moment, they rehearse every little bit of their show for months before their tour.

Lesson over, now on to the fun stuff. This has got to be one of the most epic guitar throw fails in the history of silly stuff done on stage.

As funny and silly as it is, my heart still goes out to him when his head shrinks between his shoulders after realising what he has done. Poor Mason… But credit where credit it is due, it was the band Still Waiting themselves who shared the video. Probably not the worst promotional trick after all…

And drummer’s, don’t think you are safe, next week it is your turn!

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