Newcomer Lisa Maria casts a shadow on the Irish music scene with Electro-pop release ‘Silhouette’. 

Dublin-based artist Lisa Maria has effortlessly glided into the spotlight with her newest release Silhouette. Lisa’s own struggle to regain self-identity was the main inspiration behind the track. Yet, writing this song actually enabled the Electronic-pop artist to take a backseat and rationalise her personal circumstances for the better. Lisa comments, ‘Silhouette was inspired by a time when I lost myself to someone. Writing ‘Silhouette’ helped me see things from a better perspective”.

Silhouette – Lisa Maria

What makes Silhouette so special is simply the combination of Lisa Maria’s sincere vocal delivery and some seriously striking chord progressions. Additionally, this unexpected sound catches the listener off-guard. To say the least, it leaves us awaiting the next musical move in suspense.

The outro of ‘Silhouette’ is particularly awesome. This growing intensity of music suddenly bursts into a flurry of stunning looping vocals and powerful electronic instrumentation. It’s one of those magical moments where you wish the song would never end. A big bravo to Michael Heffernan for some sick production skills.

Lisa Maria

To conclude, Melosity are extremely excited to follow Lisa Maria’s musical journey. We cannot WAIT to see what her next move will be.

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