[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Ex Oh Promotions are a local promotion company based in Dublin, Ireland. The company promote music-based events and organise gigs in some of the best live venues that Dublin has to offer. In essence, they provide smaller Irish artists a platform to perform in the city centre. In total, Ex Oh Promotions have staged an impressive ninety shows to date and this number is only growing. So, where did it all begin?

The company is headed by founder, owner and events co-ordinator Alecksyy. I met Alecksyy in his swanky new office where we sat down and discussed his journey in music so far. Immediately, you can tell Alecksyy is an exceptionally hard worker, constantly replying to every single message on his laptop but generally enjoying every moment of it.

Having graduated from the Commercial Modern Music degree course in BIMM Dublin, Alecksyy has always aspired to work in the Music Industry. Apart from possessing a solid passion for music, Alecksyy has indeed shown qualities of entrepreneurship in the past. For example, when he turned sixteen he won a trip to Disneyland through his own business start-up project. In 2017, Alecksyy won the ‘BIMM Entrepreneur Award’ which granted him €1500 to go towards further business development costs, promotion and company expansion.

How did it all begin?

Funnily enough, Alecksyy accidentally fell into the world of promotion. His Pop/Rock band ‘Jet Set Radio‘ were playing their final farewell show in Fibber Magees. From start to finish, the gig night was such a success that the venue’s promoter asked Alecksyy if he would be interested in putting on more shows. Each of these shows ran so smoothly and satisfyingly that Alecksyy earned the permanent position of in-house promoter. To this day, he is currently one of the main promoters in Fibber Magees, commenting that “three and a half years later, I have built a business out of it.”

In effect, Alecksyy was contacted to set up events in other live Dublin venues. He currently books and promotes gigs in The Workman’s club and The Underground. Alecksyy ensures that bands will have a stress-free and enjoyable experience whilst playing as part of Ex Oh Promotions. He even bought his own drum kit so drummers don’t have to drag their heavy gear around. Now, that is pure dedication.

Alecksyy winning the ‘BIMM Entrepreneur 2017’ Award. Photo: BIMM Dublin.

What is Ex Oh Promotions up to at the moment?

At the moment, Ex Oh Promotions are extremely busy carrying out their own ‘Battle of the Band’s’ competition taking place in The Underground. The contest has already seen eight heats take place, with performances from a multitude of Irish underground musicians. Currently, the competition is heading towards the quarter final, taking place on the 2nd May (this Wednesday). Check out the event page here. You can check out all of Ex Oh Promotion’s forthcoming events in Melosity’s Weekly Dublin Gig Guide.

Ex Oh Promotions have blossomed into a fully dependable promotion company in Dublin. The company have expanded from one into a small team of five, working together to ensure all aspects of the business are covered. Upon asking Alecksyy what has been the highlight of his career, he simply cannot give me a straight answer. Although there has been some truly stunning stand-out moments, his whole journey from beginning to present has been a highlight. What a great achievement in itself.

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