IGTV for Musicians

[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Instagram just announced their IGTV which is their dedicated platform for long-form video. According to Instagram, IGTV was developed to offer longer videos, without messing up the current Instagram platform, where longer videos possibly would not work. So in typical Melosity style, we take a look if IGTV is a useful tool for Musicians.

What is IGTV?

Currently, new accounts can have up to 10mins long videos, and some established Instagram accounts can have up to 60mins. Instagram has indicated that they will eventually remove these upload limits. Also, Instagram built IGTV for vertical viewing instead of the more traditional horizontal video. The vertical video is a trend that has been coming for a while now. IGTV runs on its own app, but you can link your Instagram account, and your followers can access your IGTV videos from a small logo at the top of your Instagram profile, although at the time of writing this, it was not there yet. It is common for Instagram to drip in updates in batches.

Why is IGTV good for musicians?

Instagram has just reached an unbelievable 1 billion monthly active users. It is a fantastic platform to build following for your music. The problem with traditional Instagram always was the restrictions on video length. You could not upload a video of a whole song. Many artists have used this to their advantage with a bit of artistic flare. But IGTV will allow you up to 10-minute videos. This is plenty to post full songs.
IGTV will also offer a different perspective and creative opportunities to the traditional video and cross-promotion between Snapchat and Instagram stories will definitely be easier. You can edit shorter clips from your IGTV video and share them on Instagram and Snapchat to drive more traffic to your IGTV.

The challenges of IGTV

The biggest challenge for the traditional video creator is the vertical view. It does make it a little bit easier to film with your phone. But traditional cameras are built more for the horizontal view, as are most video editing software. These are issues you can work around, and in time the hardware and software manufacturers will follow the trends. Also, many of us do naturally think horizontal when we think of music videos.

How we consume content is changing

The thing is, more an more of us consume most of our content on our mobile phones these days. The youth leads this trend, so you can be sure it is the way we consume mobile video content in the future. And what Instagram is doing here with IGTV is to make a content platform designed for the mobile consumption. No doubt this will turn out to be a smart move on their part.

What should musicians do?

If you are an independent musician trying to figure out how to promote your music in today’s content filled market, you should start thinking about how you can create content for IGTV. Those of us who would like to “stick to what we know” are going to be left behind and the ones who are willing to adapt will succeed. If IGTV was a platform built by some unknown company, I would recommend you to approach more cautiously. But if Instagram 1 billion active followers can tell us anything, it is their ability to scale. As much as I love YouTube, IGTV will give them run for their money. I for one will be jumping onboard now, rather than wait an watch.

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