How to make the most out of Melosity

In this quick guide, I will give you some tips on how to make the most out of Melosity. Melosity is an online music collaboration platform that helps the musicians to connect and collaborate online in real-time. As I have now spent nearly a year and a half knee deep in the community, collaborating and connecting people, I have observed some patterns with people who make the most out of the platform. In this article, I will share with you how you can make the most out of Melosity and make music with people from all around the world.

Fill in your profile

It is easy to skip the profile and head straight to the community or the studio. But filling in your profile is very important if you want to build trust with other Melosity collaborators. If you invite someone to collaboration, or you are looking to join an existing project, the first thing your fellow Melosity collaborators will do is check your profile. So spend a few moments to get the basics right.

Tags help people to find you

When you first joined Melosity you were asked what instruments you play and who you want to collaborate with. This information is saved as tags in your profile. The search function in Melosity uses tags to sort out musicians. If you have relevant tags in your profile, you are more likely to be discovered. You can edit them anytime by clicking the Edit button in your profile page and then click the Edit Tags button beside the tags.

Profile picture

Profile picture often is almost an afterthought. But we have learned that it is essential for other artists to see that there is a real person behind your account. Having an actual profile picture make your account more personal and builds trust. You can edit your profile picture by clicking the Edit button in your profile and then click on the profile picture.


Biography is the small bit of text under the Tags in your profile. This is not meant to be a  life story, but a short, concise paragraph explaining what you play and what kind of projects you want to work on. Mentioning your main instrument here will help you rank better in search again.


The quickest way for people to check out what you do is giving them some samples of your work. You can upload up to four tracks to your free profile to showcase your finest work, and with Melosity Platinum you have unlimited tracks.

Social links

By linking your account to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts will build your social proof and trust and help you reach a wider audience.


A video is an excellent way for you to introduce your music to other collaborators. We have also noticed that videos uploaded to Melosity profiles get high click-through rates. It is not a bad way to get your YouTube views up. You can embed up to four video links from YouTube to your free Melosity profile, and with Melosity Platinum you have unlimited tracks.


Once you have made sure your profile is looking nice, it is time to introduce yourself. Head over to the Melosity community page and introduce your self to the community. It is a good idea to mention again what you play and what kind of projects you would like to join.

Be a starter, not a follower

The one mistake we see from time to time is people just expecting to join a project. But the fact is, the people who ask others to join their projects also get more invitations to other projects. Don’t wait for the right project, start one of your own. And it can be something as simple as a guitar riff, vocal line or a drum loop. No one is expecting perfection in the beginning; we are just laying down rough ideas and see where the collaboration takes us.

Direct messages

We also have noticed that the most successful collaboration relationships often happen behind the scenes. This is why the direct message function is very vital in Melosity. Don’t be scared to reach out to one or two people who you think might be interesting to collaborate with. We are all here to collaborate and build networks.

That should get you to a flying start on Melosity. If you need any more help, don’t hessitate to hop on our online chat, or email us at You can also read one of our Melosity collaborations tips on how he collaborates HERE.

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