Help a fellow Melosity singer-songwriter

Today we would like to ask our community on Melosity to help a fellow Melosity singer-songwriter. Jana Vondrušová from the Czech Republic has just kicked off an Indiegogo campaign to fund her debut EP. She has some exciting plans to capture her songs, but she needs our help. Jana is a Melosity platinum member and you can check out her Melosity profile HERE.

Jana has been a strong supporter of the independent artist. She actively writes and reviews music on the wonderful Music from the Heart Blog. Her passion for the music divides her time between the Czech Republic and Ireland, where she has been playing quite few showcase concerts.

In 2018 getting your feet off the ground and on to the first step of the ladder in the music business is tough. There are more opportunities to get exposure, but the competition is fierce. And to stand above the noise and get noticed you need to have a quality product. This is exactly what Jana is hoping to do. But she needs our help. Go and check out her Indiegogo campaign and support her as little or as much as you can. And if the money is tight, as it sometimes is for us musicians, a free way to help her is to share the campaign on your Facebook or Twitter page. As most of us musicians know, something as small as sharing the link can make a world of difference.

Check out Jana’s Indiegogo campaign HERE.

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