Girls Rock Dublin

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Girls Rock Dublin are a voluntary organisation based in Dublin, running camps and events which encourage young women to discover their true musical and artistic potential. The organisation aims to support women in the Music Industry, helping them to express their own individuality through the power of music. The camp is sponsored by some of Ireland’s most renowned music establishments, such as IMRO, MusicMaker and the Sound Training College.

Girls Rock Dublin’s first official Summer camp took place last year, giving 12 – 17 year old girls the opportunity to live, play and breathe music in the City Centre. This Summer, the camp returns for another year! What better way to celebrate than to attend the official Girls Rock Dublin Launch Party this Friday, the 4th of May in Whelan’s Main Venue?

  • Venue: Whelan’s Main Venue.
  • Time: 7.30pm.
  • Price: €11.50 general // €6 student/unwaged.

A collection of Dublin’s most prominent female artists will take to the stage to raise funds for the camp. Expect rockin’ sets from Indie/Punk quartet Pillow Queens, the delicate and heart-wrenchingly beautiful Maria Kelly, aggressive but unapologetic rock quintet Sub Motion and raw, emotive multi-instrumentalist ROE.

Melosity were lucky enough to catch up with Girls Rock Dublin before their launch party tomorrow night! Sit back, relax and take a read to learn more about the voluntarily organisation below.

Hi! Can you tell me a little bit about yourselves?

Hi Melosity! We’re Girls Rock Camp (GRD); a summer music camp that runs this year from the 3rd – 7th of July in The Sound Training Centre and Temple Lane Studios. The camp is for 12 – 17 year olds who self-identify as female (trans & cis) or gender non-binary. On the first day of camp we have what we call an ‘Instrument Carousel’ where the campers have the chance to try out every instrument: guitar, bass guitar, synth, drums and vocals. They then choose which instrument they like the best and for the rest of the camp they receive tuition on that instrument as well as forming a band, writing a song and performing that song for friends and family on the last day. A really great feature of GRD is that you don’t need to have any previous musical experience to join.

What is your aim for the camp and campers?

There are many aspects to GRD! We aim to equip campers with the technical skills necessary to play their instrument and write songs. It’s during the process of these two activities that the campers really benefit from so many other positive things. It really gives the campers a chance to express themselves in a supportive and non-competitive environment.

GRD also provides workshops and live performances from established musicians; last year we had Soule, Hvmmingbyrd, SOAK and Wyvern Lingo perform at camp. I think it’s really important to provide positive role models for campers so they can be more confident in the world around them. Lastly, but most importantly, friendships and a good network of people is something I think is pretty much the best thing that GRD aims to provide for the campers.

How do you think this camp will benefit female musicians in Dublin?

I believe it will encourage more young girls to go out and feel like they have a place on the music scene and that they are confident in their abilities and their voice.

Tell me a bit about the fundraising gig and why you chose these four artists to perform?

We really have so much love for all of the musicians playing at our fundraiser. The genres range from Pop to Rock and from Indie to Folk; it’s really a great mix. I think the best thing about it is the sheer enthusiasm from every musician playing; they all believe in GRD and in the difference it makes to young girls.

How will the raised funds help Girls Rock Dublin?

The funds raised are going to be so vital in running the camp. We want to make sure that applicants from underrepresented minority groups such as low income or ethnic backgrounds, queer, LGBT and/or with a disability, will have the chance to participate in the programme. We are offering two scholarships which will be granted to applicants with low income. If anyone wishes to avail of the scholarships just specify that in the application. You can apply for camp at

How can you get involved with Girls Rock Dublin?

GRD is completely volunteer led and we’re always happy to have new volunteers who are excited about the camp. The GRD team is full of brilliant people and it’s good fun too! You don’t necessarily need to play an instrument either so feel free to give us a shout! 🙂 Find more info at

Check out Girls Rock Dublin below and give them a Like/Follow on Social Media. See you at the gig!




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