Two Artists. Two Unique Styles of Music. Two Impressive Performances.

Last night, I was incredibly lucky to have not only attended but was given the opportunity to play a gig as part of an intimate European Tour. I met two wonderful upcoming musicians along the way: Liroy and Jane Willow.

Liroy is a Canadian/Irish professional musician and her style is indeed quite unique. To say the least, adjectives such as melodic, upbeat and catchy would summarise it nicely. Since making the big move to Canada a few years ago, she finally came back to the home continent to play a European headline tour. The gig itself was captured within the walls of The Vintage Room in The Workman’ Club. The room is small with roughly fifteen seats at arms length from the microphone. With this in mind, it was very cosy and very, very intimate.

Liroy lit up the stage with bold vocals and high notes soaring throughout the room. Her songwriting is daring, upfront and really leaves you smiling at the end of each song. In general, her infectious persona and musical presence created an electrifying atmosphere.


To contrast, Jane Willow produced a set of heart-tearing yet beautifully crafted pieces of music. Originating from The Netherlands, her voice presents a distinct uniqueness in the way she produces sound, which caught my attention immediately. Her lyrics further the interest, telling old tales and personal experiences in a poetically sentimental matter.

Jane Willow

To conclude, both artists contrasted yet complimented each other’s music perfectly. Unfortunately for us, Liroy heads back to Canada next week. However, Jane Willow is an active musician in the Dublin music scene. Melosity highly recommend you to check out her live set next time she’s playing in town.

Check out Liroy’s performance on the night via Facebook Live below.

Starting in 5!

Posted by Liroy Music on Thursday, July 12, 2018

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