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Gibson sells Cakewalk

The financial troubles of Gibson Guitars have been reported quite widely lately. The lack of their presence at the January NAMM show was a definite indication of the company trying to tighten the belt.

Gibson bought Cakewalk form Roland back in 2013. It was a part of Gibsons attempt to diversify into music tech. But late last year, Gibson announced that they are going to shut down the day to day operations of Cakewalk.

Cakewalk is best known for Sonar; their greatly loved DAW.

We just got the news that Gibson has sold certain assets and the complete intellectual property of Cakewalk Inc. to BandLab Technologies. This obviously is good news for Sonar fans. We will wait to see what BandLab will do with Sonar.

Facebook Signs a Major Licensing deal

A few days ago Facebook signed their first licensing deal covering 160 territories. This means that creators finally will get paid royalties from the music that has been posted on Facebook. Facebook signed the deal with ICE Services and covers a database of some 31 million works.

We believe this is a sign of Facebook making moves to add music in some shape or form to their long line of services.


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