5 Music Business Websites

As we are all aware, the music business is a CONSTANTLY changing field. With continuous progression of developing trends, it can be pretty difficult to stay up-to-date. For this reason, Melosity are bringing you five Music Industry websites you simply must follow. Take ten minutes out of your schedule to check out whats going on in the music business right now.

Music Business Worldwide

Music Business Worldwide (MBW) is a free online platform which provides an in-depth knowledge of the international Music Industry. Set up in 2015 by well-known Music Industry commentator Tim Ingham, the site offers vital information to their readers, specialising in areas such as music news, analytics, interviews, and available jobs. In general, MBW is a trusted source of information, unafraid to question and challenge current trends within the industry. Their articles are easily digestible and easy to read. A definite recommendation from Melosity.


Complete Music Update

Similar to MBW, Complete Music Update (CMU) is another music business website with a twist. Alongside music news, development articles and opinion pieces, the site offers training and education to their users. CMU INSIGHTS gives readers the opportunity to attend masterclasses, seminars and insight sessions at international music conferences. Additionally, CMU:DIY provides music tips and advice for aspiring musicians through online resource and events. If you’re an artist looking for a holistic approach to the Music Business, CMU is for you.



Founded in 2005, Hypebot is an online resource which focuses on quite distinct areas of the digital music business. Sections such as ‘Social Media’, ‘Music Tech’ and ‘D.I.Y.’, give readers specific information catered to help improve their own careers and online presence. Additionally, the ‘Music Biz’ section informs readers of all things Music Business-related. A good site with less information to keep you focused on the main developments within the digital industry.


Hot Press

Hot Press is Ireland’s leading pop-culture publication, having released a physical magazine once every two weeks for the past forty years. Moving online to promote the company’s content, Hot press is fully committed to all music-related news. The company also focuses on contemporary journalism, covering a wide range of topics including general news, comedy, sport and politics. In general, Hot Press is a fantastic source of music news and quite a big deal for Irish artists. If your music is featured in Hot Press, then you’re usually on the right path.



You probably know Billboard for producing the hugely popular Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200 charts. Its true that Billboard’s site is a substantial source of finding the hottest artists currently dominating the global music scene. Lucky for us, Billboard also offer their readers music business developments through their sub-section Billboard biz. Why not check out who’s hot in the charts and Music Industry news all at the same time?





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