All Together Now passes it’s opening year with flying colours.

We were extremely lucky to attend the first year of Ireland’s newest festival All Together Now (ATN). The festival takes place inside the grounds of Curraghmore House in Co. Waterford and we can confidently say, what a location! The area itself is stunning, with scenic landscape that makes you feel lost in a wooded wonderland of organic bliss.

This year, ATN clashed with other main music festivals INDIEPENDANCE and Castlepalozza. Yet, this didn’t seem to affect the festival in terms of attendance or quality with roughly 15,000 festival-goers attending the event.

What exactly is All Together Now?

ATN is a focal point for artistry and the creative mind. Events range from music, comedy, political discussions and cooking demonstrations. Similarly, innovation and inclusiveness staple the ethos of the festival together. The Greencrafts village gives both adults and children the opportunity to learn a new skill, such as wood weaving, stitching or even acoustic-guitar making. At this festival, there is always something to discover.

The general campsite is a maximum 3-minute walk to the main stage area. Generally, the line-up was pretty superb with big acts such as Chaka Khan, Underworld and Fleet Foxes headlining each night. For us, stand-out performances were delivered by Saint Sister, Talos and Villagers.

Saint Sister

Once Saint Sister began to play, the ‘Something Kind of Wonderful’ tent was instantly transformed into an ethereal, safe space where the crowd felt part of something special. You could tell everyone was deeply moved by the performance from the huge reaction at the end of their set. Indeed, a magical moment to witness.


Talos erupted onto the stage with unexpected huge beefy sounds. His performance was super slick, with each song even more impressive than the previous. The mixture of electronic synths with a full band set-up really brought this gig to the next level. In general, an EPIC performance.


On the other hand, Villagers conveyed a super-chilled and natural performance on the ATN main stage. What made this gig particularly excellent was Conor O’Brien’s ability to connect and vibe with his audience. His charisma and musicianship on stage really energised the crowd. Thoroughly enjoyable.

In general, ATN certainly lived up to high expectations. The festival provided diverse acts, a laid-back atmosphere and many activities that would suit everyone. Additionally, it helped that the weather was absolutely STUNNING all weekend with not a drop of rain. Of course, there were a few minor hiccups such as transport issues and stage movements. If you can drive down yourself or hitch a ride, do! The transport from Waterford City to the festival was quite confusing and the wait time for shuttle buses could be up to two hours. Equally, acts such as AE MAK were sadly missed due to stage movements. Nevertheless, these errors can be fixed in time for 2019.

In general, ATN was an awesome festival to attend. We really can’t wait to see how it will develop for next year!

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