[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Melosity are here to get you all excited for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 taking place tomorrow night! Over 180 million viewers will be tuning in to either support their country or just for pure entertainment on a Saturday night. Now, Eurovision is an extremely unpredictable competition. You really never know who will take the winning crown and be declared the Eurovision champion. To help you decide who you think will earn the winning title, Melosity have composed our own final predictions.

This commentary is brought to you by a songwriter and what songs I think are technically and visually the best in the competition. I have chosen these entries based on song quality and overall competition odds. Take a look below, where we propose the acts that we think will make it into the final top ten on the leaderboard.

Cyprus: Eleni Foureira ‘Fuego’

Cyprus’ entry endorses Female positivity with a stand-out performance from Eleni Foureira. In general, Cyprus’ entry is a pretty good Pop song. The hook is strong and the dance-break is really catchy and on point. Although if I am honest, it doesn’t seem like there is anything extremely special about the actual melody and lyrical components of the song. Yet, it is predicted to win the overall competition. Now, I would be surprised if it actually does win but at the same time, Eleni’s performance is so strong that it really boosts Cyprus’ chance of earning the winning title.

France: Madame Monsieur ‘Merci’

It is truly refreshing to hear an artist perform in their own language. Therefore, to hear Madame Monsieur perform ‘Merci’ in French is both beautiful and distinct at the same time. ‘Merci’ is a chill alternative pop song. The production is really commercial and the chorus soars throughout the arena. This song doesn’t need any gimmicks or tricks as it’s melodic strength is enough to stand out. ‘Merci’ has winning vibes and could be the dark horse of the competition.

Sweden: Benjamin Ingrosso ‘Dance You Off’

Once again, Sweden completely smashes their Eurovision entry with this absolute Justin Beiber-esque hit. Is it fair to say that ‘Dance You Off’ could have been Bieber’s next number one? The visual effects are slick, the beats are funky and overall, it is just a brilliant pop song. I think Sweden are Eurovision royalty at this stage. They know what they’re doing and in recent years have produced some of the best songs the competition has ever seen (Eurovision 2012 – ‘Euphoria’ to be exact). To say the least, ‘Dance You Off’  will keep you groovin’ for three minutes and should definitely do well on Saturday night.

Israel: Netta Barzilai ‘Toy’

Right, so Israel’s entry this year is ‘chicken-clucking’ Netta Barzilai with super pop anthem ‘Toy’. Israel was the first act predicted to win but has currently slipped back to fourth place. Personally, I think it is an ABSOLUTE banger. I absolutely love Netta’s unique approach and animated presentation. The song is full-on Pop with jungle rhythms to keep you mesmerised throughout the performance. Eurovision always needs a song that is comical, strong and visually appealing. We’re unsure whether ‘Toy’ will actually win, but it should easily place in the top five at the very least.

Norway: Alexander Rybak ‘That’s how you write a song’

Yes, he has come back to Eurovision once again. You may remember Alexander Rybak as the fiddle-playing winner of Eurovision 2009 with ‘I’m in Love with a Fairytale’ (what a great song?). This time, Alexander explains how to write a song through the style of Funk. It is so cheesy, yet catchy and you simply can’t help but love it. Also, the unique subject matter will definitely stand out from the other twenty love songs in the competition. In general, Alexander was made for the Eurovision song contest. Norway must protect him at all times – an icon to say the least.

Bulgaria: Equinox ‘Bones’

Upon listening to every Eurovision entry, this is the song that caught my attention immediately. The verse, pre-chorus and chorus all run so smoothly together, bounded by absolutely incredible vocals from Equinox. Bones’ genuinely sounds like a song that could be in the charts, not a Eurovision entry. In the same way, it won’t win because the performance is simply not outrageous enough for Eurovision standards. Nevertheless, a really impressive entry.

Australia: Jessica Mauboy ‘We Got Love’

Extremely motivational pop song ‘We Got Love’ presents the universal theme of self-love. Jessica Mauboy is a pop star. It almost feels like we’re at a Jessica Mauboy concert from her super energetic performance alone. Ultimately, Jessica’s charismatic performance and crowd interaction will certainly boost Australia’s position on the leaderboard.

Ireland: Ryan O’Shaughnessy ‘Together’

‘Together’ is such a beautiful ballad. Ryan’s unbelievably smooth vocals elevates this simple yet meaningful composition even further. Honestly, Ryan could probably sing anything and it would instantly sound good. The stage production here is really special, with two contemporary male dancers dancing under snow. Although the stage performance is really heartwarming, the song quality is what makes ‘Together’ stand out.

Germany: Michael Schulte ‘You Let Me Walk Alone’

Upon first listen, it must be stated that Michael Schulte has an extraordinary voice! ‘You Let Me Walk Alone’ is heartfelt piece based upon the theme of family and growing up. The song features a strong chorus and an epic post-chorus to follow this. Above all, it is a universal ballad carried by Michael Schulte’s striking vocals.

Czech Republic: Mikolas Josef ‘Lie to Me’

Mikolas Josef is a really great artist, performing an infectious song you can’t help but enjoy. The song is fun and could definitely be a single for Jason Derulo.  I think ‘Lie to Me’ displays musical elements similar to Moldova’s 2017 entry ‘Hey Mama’. Yet, the Funk/Pop tune is completely original and performed exceptionally well. ‘Lie to me’ could be a potential dark horse. Only the results of the final will truly show this song’s appeal.

Spain: Alfred y Amaia ‘Tu Cancion’

Alfred and Amaia, a couple in real-life will be performing this romantic ballad. Thats pretty darn cute. ‘Tu Cancion’ is really sweet and the chorus melody is truly gorgeous. Although the odds on this song are pretty low, the combination of composition quality and raw emotional performance brings this entry to life. Admittedly, it may not make it into the top ten places on the leaderboard, but it is a truly well-written song that deserves to be mentioned.

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