[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]To establish yourself as an artist takes time, practise, mistakes and dedication. Of course, it is difficult to fully understand who you are and what type of music you want to pursue as a performer. Although this whole process can be tedious, it is not impossible!

Melosity bring you our five top tips which will help you establish yourself so you can be comfortable as an artist.

1. Establish who you are

Take time out to find out who you are and what you want to do. Why are you reading this blog and why do you want to be a musician? Certainly, there are billions of people on this planet and so much content is uploaded online every day. It can be difficult to separate yourself from the world and discover the real you. Take time to figure out who you are.

We must remember that Record Labels are set up to create a product. Record Labels can twist you if you aren’t fully confident in your values and beliefs. Just be sure of yourself. This way, if you’re in the public eye, you are proud of what you say and believe.

2. Establish your Sound

Growing up, I have always aspired to be an artist. Yet, I studied songwriting in college and explored so many different genres. Currently, I find it really difficult to choose which genre I want to perform as an artist. Be honest with yourself and take time to learn what your sound is. This way, your sound will be consistent and people will recognise your music instantly and easily. Additionally, you won’t doubt yourself and will always enjoy performing the music you want to play.

3. Establish Your Brand Strategy

This point is crucial in your artistic development. As a musician, you are also a product. We hear of musicians who are deeply unhappy because their label has changed who they are and what they believe in, all to simply generate revenue. Whereas, if you establish yourself as a brand before label interest, you have all the creative freedom at your fingertips. Consider important aspects of brand continuity; similar imagery, colour scheme, tone of language, unique selling point etc. How do you want to present yourself as an artist?

“Being a musician is a business in itself”.

Create something that will enhance and entertain your audience. Make sure your photos are of high quality, professional and similar in style. Additionally, try establish an eye-catching and unique attribute. Examples of this can be popstar Ariana Grande’s high ponytail, metal band Slipknot’s intimidating masks or David Bowie’s eccentric lightning bolt makeup. Be consistent and continuous with your brand strategy and consider if your image correctly reflects your style of music.

4. Establish your Online Presence

Ah, the internet. Not only do most of us own a social media account but also spend roughly six hours a day online. Crazy?! Today, the internet has allowed musicians to use a DIY approach. Absolutely anyone can now upload, distribute and market their music in their own personal way. As everything has shifted online, it is mandatory that you create and maintain a strong online presence as an artist. People will search for your music and stumble upon your Facebook band page. You need to impress anyone who lands on your page immediately. First impressions are vital here.

Before you publish your Facebook page to the world, create a social media strategy. Use an online calendar to plan your social media posts. Consider components such as Facebook status scheduling, posting good quality pictures with posts, effective live videos and other content which gets people talking. Similarly, once your brand image is developed, you can apply this to your online pages. Make sure your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and ALL other online platforms are consistent in colour schemes and language tone. Let people remember you the right way.

5. Establish yourself as a Music Industry expert

We’ve heard it before; the Music Industry is a cruel world. UNLESS you understand how to deal with it in the correct manner. Know the facts, know what is right and understand what is wrong. Once you have basic knowledge of the inner workings of the Music Industry, it will be easier to spot if someone may be taking advantage of you. Remember – Record and Publishing Labels are using you to generate income for their business, whilst you are using them for recording and promotional purposes. As we know, it is a tough business, so prepare to be thick-skinned and NEVER sign a contract without legal advice. To get started, it is recommended for you to buy Anne Harrison’s Music: The Business (7th edition). It is a brilliant and easily digested read, explaining different areas within the Music Business. Buy it here for cheap.

Additionally, check out Melosity’s Music Publishing blog for beginners here. Every week, we break down specific areas of Music Publishing which you need to know. Also, for all your Music Industry news check out some of the best music websites here.

Each step is crucial, so don’t think of rushing this process. You are in a race with no one but yourself so focus on the journey, not the destination!
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