Ed Sheeran parody

No doubt, Ed Sheeran has left a massive mark in the popular music. The royalty checks will be feeding his future grandchildren even long after Ed himself has passed on. Obviously, we are big fans of the man as he has made collaboration a big part of his career, and he has done it very successfully. 

Mr. Sheeran seems to be a level-headed guy and well able to laugh at himself, as you can see from his already famous performance in the Late Late show’s Carpool karaoke video. So we thought it would be fun to roundup few Ed Sheeran Parody videos, just to lighten up the mood 😉 We strongly believe that a good parody is laughing at a subject matter, not making it personal. Or as is the case with MyLifeSuckers parody video, where they changed the lyrics and make fun of themselves.

Bart Baker

The first video is from YouTuber Bart Baker. This video has had over 20 million views! But Barts video work is high Quality, which definitely helped.


The next video comes from HiddenReaction YouTube channel. The subtlety of this video what makes it so funny. Sometimes the simples ideas just work the best.


And last but not least we have the MyLifeSuckers, who we already mentioned. This really looks like the whole family had fun making this, and we believe they deserve a lot more views.

And that wraps up our Ed Sheeran parody video roundup. We hope you guys enjoyed these videos. If you think we missed any great Ed Sheeran parody videos, share the links in the comments. We would also like to know what your thoughts are on this kind of lighter blog posts, compared to our usual music business and collaboration tips.


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