Today could be just another Monday, or it could be much more. There is no one size fits all roadmap in the music business. Because of this, many of us musicians are prone to procrastination. Instead of doing the tasks we have been putting off, we spend hours online looking for that magic pill, that will help us get to the mystical place called “the next level“. But what if this Monday we decided to stop wasting time and do more?

Do more

What if instead of searching for that magic pill, we would take small steps towards a specific goal? Or if we submitted our latest track to five playlist curators today? And what if we reached out to five venues to look for that next show? Or what if we reached out to five other artists to do a collaboration with? And what if you did it all again tomorrow and the day after and every day after that, where would you be one year from today?

Big Leap

Too often we try to find that “big leap” opportunity. We think if we only get to play support once for that “big star” we will “get discovered”. So we end up spamming artists who are much further on their journey, without realising that as they are busy enough, every message they get will be screened and your message to “check out my music” will definitely not make its way to the artist. And if we for some magical reason would end up getting that support slot, most people at the show probably would be more interested in what the bar has to offer than some unknown band who is roped in to kill some time before the main act.

Many Small Steps

Why not instead reach out to the fans of that artist. I would assume you wanted to reach out to him in the first place because you thought their fans might like your music as well? So why not go to their Instagram account and send a direct message to five of their followers trying to build a connection. Do not just ask them to check out your music! Try to find some common ground. You both like the same artist, why not talk about his music first and start building that relationship, find out about them before you talk about yourself.

These are the small steps that if you repeat every day, will add up to a big leap. And more than likely it will happen much faster this way than by searching that magic pill. Just do more.

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