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It is said, “It’s either in you or It’s not.” If you think that the seed of creating music lies within you, you must get started as early as possible. Music production is a dream to many, but not all are able to pursue it. Living in the era where everything can be done over the Internet makes it even easier for newbies to begin their melodious journey. So if you want to create music online, where do you start?

The Basics 

  • Listen to more music. Try different genres. The more you listen, the more you learn. Often the greatest hits are inspired by some other music.
  • Percussion, Woodwind or Strings. Pick an instrument of your choice. There’s no way you can get ahead in music without getting a help from a musical instrument.
  • Learn music theory. Music is not a stack of cards to play with. You need to learn the theories and basic of music, to understand the scales and how to arrange the notes to create some beautiful melody. And you can do it online! As nowadays you can find both audio and video lessons for free on the Internet.
  • Do your research. Befriend Internet and look for tricks and tips for beginners. You can look for – “How to create music” and “Things needed to create music” for additional help.
  • Get help from the Internet. There are plenty of applications to create music. For example GarageBand (iOS), Music Maker JAM (Android, IOS), Melosity, etc. There are even websites that give you sample tracks or loops like drum beats or pads or riffs to create music. For example:,,, etc.

The next step

  • Get good music accessories. Music also depends on the quality of the things you use to record. Own good Headphones, Mic, DAWs etc, so you can monitor and produce quality music.
  • Join online music forums. A place where songwriters, singers, composers put up their ideas, share views and discuss music is place you need to be, to create even better music online. The more clear your vision is, the more clearly you can view things. You can sign-up today and get into a new world of music – Rate your music, Null, Hypebeast are few of such forums. There is even an application called ‘Bandwidth’ and it is known to be “the tinder for the musician.” It’s free and is available on both Android and iOS devices. Melosity is the all in one solution with a community of passionate online musicians, and all the tools needed to make the collaboration a success.  


  • Set up a website or a facebook page or an email list where you can share your music and get reviews/feedback, which will be another way to improve your music production online.
  • Don’t give up. Initially, you might be making some bad music, but keep working; you’ll end up creating a big hit. Stay on the path and don’t quit.


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