Friday, July 20, 2018
Why should you buy Shure SM58 for your home studio

Why should you buy Shure SM58 for your home studio

The legendary Shure SM58 microphone has been the stable vocal microphone choice on more live stages than any other microphone by tenfold. It is sturdy, it is durable and can handle...
Melosity's weekly dublin gig guide

Melosity’s Weekly Dublin Gig Guide

For the first time in 90 years, the people of Ireland will now be able to buy and consume alcohol legally on the holy day that is Good Friday. It certainly...
Acts that Sold outElectric Picnic 2018

Eight Acts that Sold Out Electric Picnic 2018

It was only last week that Ireland’s biggest music festival Electric Picnic released their INCREDIBLE full line-up. Unfortunate for many, 24 hours passed and so did the remaining EP tickets –...
How To Promote Your Band

How to promote your band

So you guys have been rehearsing really hard for the past few months or years, but now you feel like it is time to take the next step. You want to...
songwriter's block

Five Alternative Top Tips to conquer ‘Songwriter’ Writer’s Block

As a songwriter, the dreaded feeling of writer’s block is all too familiar. Sitting at the piano and singing a plethora of unmemorable melodies.. until slowly you’re staring at the piano...
How to record music online

How to record music online

In the past twenty years recording technology has taken huge leaps from analog to digital and from hardware to software based recording setups. The entry to recording music used to be...
New Melosity Features

March New Melosity Features

The gang at the Melosity office has been working hard. Our big focus lately has been on connecting you guys. As some of you are aware, we spend a lot of...
Top 5 free online studios

Top 5 free online studios

A computer-based recording has become the norm these days. And never before the entry to recording music at home has been this low. In this post, we are going to roundup...
Social media for musicians

Social media for musicians

You can create the best music in the world, but if no one knows about it, it means nothing. With the help of the internet, the barriers of distribution have been...
Writing lyrics

How to write a song Part 2 Writing lyrics

In "How to write a song Part 1" we had a look at the song structures and building blogs. And if you completed your homework, you should have a good understanding...


How to record music at home

I have been fascinated by recording music at home since one of my first studio sessions back in my teenage days. Those days recording...
Live show fails Part 1

Live show fails Part 1