Friday, July 20, 2018
Top 5 Gary Moore collaborations

Top 5 Gary Moore collaborations

To celebrate the Birthday of legendary Irish guitarist Gary Moore, who passed away back in 2011. Gary made his mark in the early part of his career by playing with bands...
Beverley Knight Collaborations

Beverley Knight Collaborations

As today is one of UK's greatest soul and RnB singers, Beverley Knight's birthday, we are going to have a look at how she has made the most of collaborating with...
Songwriting quotes

Songwriting Quotes

I know writing songs can sometimes be hard. So we thought to share with you some songwriting quotes from the masters of the craft to get you inspired when you need...
Best singer in the world

Best singer in the world

Who wоuld еvеr knоw thаt a ѕhіnіng ѕtаr and the Best singer in the world wаѕ bоrn оn August 29, 1958? It wаѕ thе dау whеn the 7th child оf thе...


How to record music online

In the past twenty years recording technology has taken huge leaps from analog to digital and from hardware to software based recording setups. The...
Audio editor online

Audіо Edіtоr Onlіnе

online singer

Onlіnе Sіngеr