A sincere songwriter, unafraid to address the issues of today through song. 

‘Head in the Sky’, penned by Dublin musician Bróna Keoghreflects feelings of displacement in a rapidly evolving world. The protagonist seeks real human connection and a life of fulfilment. Yet, she yearns to hide away into the cracks of her couch. Consisting of one vocal and acoustic guitar, ‘Head in the Sky’ is an authentic stripped-back folk performance. The track currently features in Gerard Walsh’s film ‘South’, which was screened at Camerimage, Poland as part of the Irish cinema review. 

The deliverance of Bróna’s vocal is sincere yet demanding, bringing blues artists like Eva Cassidy to mind. Additionally, what makes Bróna such a spectacular songwriter is her  ability to pen such fragile, stern and illustrative lyrics. In fact, you can tell once Bróna starts to write, the words pour out of her with absolute ease. 

“I’ll fizzle like the bubbles popping in your drink. Wash me down with your dinner, pour me out the kitchen sink.”

‘Head in the Sky’ – Music video featuring scenes from Gerard Walsh’s film ‘South’.

'I could easily crawl into the cracks of the couch, dive down in the creases where no one would come fish me out. Where the bullshit conversations and the fake hellos, die down with the crumbs and the crust and the cracks and the mould.' Just in case this slipped past you, here's the video for Head In The Sky, recorded by Michael Heffernan and edited with scenes from the feature film South by Gerard Walsh.

Posted by Bróna Keogh on Monday, April 9, 2018

It seems that Bróna is creating a rhetorical commentary on the status of the human condition. Have we lost our ability to connect? Perhaps in the age of likes, tweets, follows and immediate accessibility, have we forgotten how to communicate in the present moment? Nevertheless, it’s refreshing to hear her spin on the lifestyle of today.

To conclude, I think its safe to say upon your initial hearing of ‘Head in the Sky’, you’ll want to listen over and over and over again. Us here at Melosity can’t stop!

Check out Bróna Keogh’s Facebook Page and Soundcloud Account for more sweet tunes.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Br%C3%B3na-Keogh-195097360654974/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bronakeogh


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