Brass Phantoms

Moody undertones blend with driving instruments to create a bangin’ track.

Brass Phantoms are an Alternative/Indie 4-piece band based in Dublin, Ireland. With previous international airplay under their belts and no strangers to the music festival scene, there is no doubt that Brass Phantoms are slowly rising within the Music Industry. Having recently just completed a busy tour around the UK, the guys finally had time to push a new track out. In fact, if there is one thing Melosity can tell you – it was definitely worth the wait.

‘Disciples’ invites the listener on a musical journey through multiple layers of intensity. Firstly, the lead vocal is quite serious, straightforward and almost theatrical in his expression. This completely contrasts with the energy created through the awesome instrumentation supporting the vocal.

What really stands out is the lead electric guitar line weaving in and out. This keeps the listener engaged throughout the entire piece. In general, what makes ‘Disciples’ such a great song is the high standard of musicality displayed by each band member. A great song when you need that extra little bit of motivation throughout the day.

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