[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]’Salvation Call’ acts as a natural antidote, curing whatever negativity you possess and channelling it into some seriously chilled-out vibes.

Blue Fish Diamond are an Indie Folk band hailing from Dublin. The seven-piece have just celebrated the release of not one but TWO brand new singles in Whelan’s. How exciting!? ‘Salvation Call’ is the second single released and really sets the bar high in terms of musical expectation.

‘Salvation Call’ addresses the search to find inner peace with yourself. Immediately, the song acts as a natural relaxant. It instantly changes the listener’s mood, gifting them with three minutes of pure tranquillity. Furthermore, the super-chilled chords, Jazzy elements and washed guitar sounds resemble elements of Bon Iver’s ‘Beach Baby’. Essentially, these combine, transporting us into a space of eternal peace.

In general, Blue Fish Diamond are a new band that create quite deep, yet thoroughly enjoyable and interesting music. Melosity are so excited to see what musical ventures they encounter over the Summer months! Now, get outside, lie down on the grass, pop those earphones in and breathe. If you’ve had a tough day, ‘Salvation Call’ will be your natural transition to calm.

Blue Fish Diamond

Check out Blue Fish Diamond and give them a like on Facebook:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bluefishdiamond/

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