Avicii - remembering the music

Avicii – Remembering the Music. We are still in absolute shock about the news of Tim Bergling aka Avicii passing away on Friday the 20th of April 2018. Most of you know that we at Melosity are all about collaboration, and I cannot think of any other artist who would have turned collaborating into a such an art form as he did. He broke boundaries and brought EDM to the limelight. His work ethic was unbelievable, and passion oused out of his music. He also brought songwriting and storytelling to a new level, never heard before in EDM. Without a doubt, his passing is going to be a huge loss for music.

I still remember just like it was yesterday when I first time heard the opening chords of “Wake me up.”  It is rare for any song to stop you like that. Since then I’ve spent countless hours analyzing his productions (yep, that is what us musicians do, when we find music that has an impact on us.)

No doubt there will be speculation online about the circumstances around his passing, but right now we are not interested getting into that conversation. What we want to do is share his music. Here are some of the many of our favorite tracks from Avicii.

Avicii – Lonely Together ft. Rita Ora

Avicii – Hey Brother ft. Dan Tyminski

Avicii – Broken Arrows ft. Zac Brown

Avicii – For a Better Day ft. Alex Ebert

Avicii – Waiting for Love ft. Simon Aldred

Avicii – Addicted to You ft. Audra Mae

Avicii – You be Love ft. Billy Raffoul

Avicii – The Nights ft. Nicholas Furlong

Avicii – Wake Me Up ft. Aloe Blacc


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