[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Alice celebrates our darkest and most wicked desires with driving anthem ‘Devil in Me’.

Alice Lynskey is bold, confident and ready to start a fire with the release of her highly anticipated debut single, ‘Devil in Me’. The Alternative Pop song is Alice’s first official release, discussing the dark side within us all. The driving performance includes a constant drumbeat and fiery instrumentation to reflect these desires. In addition to this, Alice’s fierce voice is indeed demanding, with assertive gang vocals supporting her throughout the entire piece.

What I love about the track is how Alice can make the listener feel both vulnerable and guilty about our inner ‘devil’. In general, the subject matter deals with something that no one wants to admit. Yet, Alice addresses this in a sharp and almost celebratory manner. Her lyrics are definitely understandable, even if we don’t want to relate. After all, it is only human nature and unfortunately, we can’t all be perfect.

“I’ve lost my mind, oh its so clear. It’s who I am that I most fear.”

In general, ‘Devil in Me’ has the ability to stay stuck in your head with strong melodies which will pop out randomly throughout the day. With an impressive song such as this for her first official release, Melosity are already itching to hear her next single.

‘Devil in Me’ is available on all streaming platforms now.

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