2018 Facebook tips for musicians

Social media is always changing. As a musician, it can be hard to keep on top of it all. But the fact is if you want to make it int he music business in 2018, you need to understand how to use social media best to spread the message about your music. So today, I will share with you 2018 Facebook tips for musicians. We will take a look at what Facebook is good for, what works and what might be a waste of your time. I will also include a few nice hacks and tricks that hopefully will give you a little bit of an advantage.

Does Facebook matter in the music business?

We all hear stories from time to time how Facebook is not so popular with certain audience demographics. But let me just put this in perspective. In 2018 there are 7.2 Billion people on this planet of ours, and according to Statista out of which 4.1 billion are active internet users. In the second quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.2 Billion, active monthly users.

So to answer the question does Facebook matter in the music business in 2018, it does! It is single-handedly the most significant marketplace for musicians at the moment. The first thing anybody who is anybody in the music business (promoter, festival organiser, publisher, venue booker, record label executive) will check is how many likes does your Facebook page have, how active are your followers and how much you engage with them. Having all those numbers looking good will give you social proof.

What is Facebook good for?

Here is a little bit of a reality check. Facebook is more than likely not going to be the place where your fantastic music is going to be discovered by the big heads in the music business. But once you have attracted enough interest, it is very much where they will check you out and see if people genuinely are interested in your music.

Also, Facebook is a really good paid advertising platform, with very accurate targeting. We all like to moan about how the organic reach is down and how Facebook is making musicians life harder. The fact is, it is free! You don’t pay anything for having a Facebook page for your band. So why would Facebook owe you the right to post some boring post telling people to “Check out our music” and make it reach millions of people?

But if you accept this, you can make Facebook work beautifully for your band or artist page. There are some free ways to reach more people, which I will share with you, and you can also learn how to use Facebook’s powerful advertising platform.

Create content your fans want to consume

I need you to try to stand in the shoes of your fans for a minute. What kind of content do you think they would want to see you post? You see, too often us artist think what we want to do, not what our fans would like us to do. And here is the big secret most of us do our best to ignore, it is not about you as an artist, it is about your fans and what you can do for them. You do not deserve the right be privileged enough to have a fanbase that will support your career in music until you learn how to offer them value and lots of it. So ask your self, what do your fans want?

It is excellent if you can produce high-quality content, great photos, video, music and the written word. But I can guarantee your fans rather have not so perfectly polished content more often than only releasing a one piece of “perfection” few times a year. In fact, in today’s busy world where we all get overloaded with content, if you are out of sight, you most certainly will be out of their mind. Create more and don’t worry too much about everything being “perfect”.

Limited Reach

The Facebook news feed works on an algorithm that decides what you and everyone else see. If you understand how it works, you know what kind of content to create and how to distribute it. You see, if you just post something random, sit and wait, nothing will happen. You need to make sure your content gets seen by the right people.

Simple rules

Simple rules, pictures work better than text only. Video works better than pictures, and live video works extremely well. Facebook is all about keeping users on their site, so any links away from Facebook will not get much reach. The Facebook video will work very well, YouTube links do not.

Facebook groups are great for getting more reach, but make sure you are a member of relevant groups. No point posting your pop songs in a heavy metal group. Once you post content on your band or artist Facebook page, share it from there to few relevant groups.

A word of warning

Don’t spam! Facebook will ban your account if it thinks you are spamming people. But if you understand how this works, you can avoid these bans easily enough. If you go and repeatedly post your latest videos to twenty different groups, you are pretty much guaranteed to get a temporary ban. But Facebook wants you to be an active user, and it will not penalise this. However, it will penalise repetitive action that looks like spam. So if you want to post to ten Facebook groups, make sure you don’t do this one after another. Take other actions between sharing to groups. For example, after posting your content, share it to one group, with different hand typed (not pasted) text. Then go to your news feed and comment on someone else’s post, send a message to a friend and maybe like someone else’s video. Then go back to share your post with another group. Just don’t do the same action repeatedly or you will get blocked. You have been warned.

Facebook live

Facebook live is a technology Facebook is trying to push a lot. Due to this if broadcast a live video, Facebook will reward you with more organic reach, that usually lasts over the next 24 hours after your broadcast.

If used properly, Facebook can still be a very powerful tool to promote your music and find new fans. The advice on this article will get you started on the right path. We will not cover the Facebook paid advertising platform this time. But if there is enough interest, we might look at it in a future blog post.

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